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We provide a range of services,  tailored to fit the demands and needs of our clients.

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Business Advisory


Cosmique Global is a business advisory firm. We offer complete business building package to business owners. Strategic Planning – Step by step process to set up a new business. Strategies that are actually going to be effective in taking your business to the next level. In-person consultation and technical consulting included. Own your brand. Add credibility, authenticity and stability to your business. Trademark registration services offered.

Quickbooks Consulting


As an Intuit Quickbooks Reseller and Proadvisor, our team is well-equipped to handle any and all Quickbooks-related issues, including installation and activation of Quickbooks software applications required to enhance your system performance. Our experts are skilled in all Quickbooks products, and our services are backed by a money-back guarantee. We also provide free installation with a purchase of new products. At Cosmique Global, we are a certified Intuit Quickbooks® Reseller and business advisory firm.

Mobile App &  Web Design


As a business solutions provider, we offer high quality professional mobile app, web design and digital marketing services using the latest technology. We bring your ideas, concepts, and ideology to life by adding a full range of web applications to your website, such as an online store, social network, a custom extension or a content management system. From our store, you can also choose software to install on your electronic devices at home or office network.

About Us


Cosmique Global is a business advisory firm, with it’s primary focus on business branding, Trademark Registration, Website & Mobile App design, and Quickbooks Consulting.

We, at Cosmique, offer a complete business building package to our clients. The package includes, but is not limited to, Company incorporation, business branding, business sale & purchase, social media advertising & blogging, Trademark & Patent registration, resourcing & procurement of products, setting up e-commerce sites, Quickbooks online consulting (including Quickbooks accounting services) , Website & Mobile App Development.


We are a Business Advisory Firm


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If you want to build a long lasting business, owning a brand, and claiming exclusive rights to the use of such brand will be the most important step you take in that direction.  You can own a brand by registering it federally with United States Patent & Trademark Office. By being certified as a registered owner of the brand, you explicitly notify the public that you have the exclusive rights to the use of such brand, and that no one else has the right to use it at any time in future.

In today’s high paced tech-savy world, if you don’t have a website to showcase your products, you’re definitely losing a big chunk of revenue that could easily be yours.  If you wish to build a long lasting business, the first thing you need to focus on is getting a great website, and a Mobile App designed for your business.  You can count on us for these services. Statistically, 80 % of buying is done online, and 2/3rd of that buying is done via hand held devices. Imagine how many customers you could reach via on online e-com portal! Check out more details on Web development company and Mobile App development company pages. 

You might already have a great website showcasing your products and services, but it’s of no use to you unless you know how to bring visitors to your site. Its not just the traffic that matters, but what generates revenue, and builds brand awareness, is the relevant traffic.  You need those people to click on your site who need the kind of products that you sell. The only way to accomplish this feat is to get your website search engine optimized.

For business owners, the social media platform has turned out to be a boon.  You can leverage this platform for brand awareness and advertising your products & services.  With the advent of sites like FB, TW, LinkedIn, Instagram, you have the ability to reach millions of people every day. Low cost advertising, and eye-catchy business pages can give a significant boost to your business, provided you know how to use it to your advantage.

business advisory firm

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to get more traffic to your site, and that too within a few days, or even hours.  While SEO takes time to bring your site to first two pages of search engines, PPC gives you quick results.  As tempting as it sounds, PPC can be a huge drain on your financial resources, if you don’t set up your campaign the way it is supposed to be. A slightest mistake can lead to your Ad showing up in wrong places at wrong time, and attracting clicks from people who are not even interested in your products.

Social media and networking sites might be your first choice to engage with your audience, but you can’t completely ignore the importance of reaching out to people via email marketing. Its always advisable to have a variety of channels to communicate with your prospects, and existing customers. Besides, let’s not forget a significant segment of population which is still comfortable with the conventional email platform.

Software Consulting

At Cosmique Global, the health of your electronic devices is of great importance to us. Take advantage of our pocket friendly deals, and install the software you need for  your home and office network.


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Welcome to Our Site!

Sign up for latest Updates on Business Branding & Digital Solutions.