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Cosmique Global is a business advisory firm, with it’s primary focus on Business branding, Trademark Registration, e-commerce support, Website & Mobile App design, and Quickbooks® Consulting.


We, at Cosmique, offer a complete business building package to our clients. The package includes, but is not limited to, Company incorporation, Business branding, Trademark Registration, setting up e-commerce sites, business sale & purchase, resourcing & procurement of products (for those in wholesale industry), Website & Mobile App Development, Quickbooks® consulting, and in some cases, financial assistance as well.


The strategies that we offer are tailor made to suit the needs of our clients. Our expertise and time tested solutions systematically catapult a business to the next level. We also create online selling platforms to help our clients promote their products & services, thereby building an effective online presence for them.


Trademark registration is one of our stronger suits. It’s perhaps the best branding strategy to build a credible, authentic, and stable business. If you want to position yourself as an expert and weed out your competition, TM registration is the way to go about it.


We offer high quality professional Mobile App, Web design and Digital Marketing services using latest technology. We bring to life your ideas, concept and ideology by adding a full range of web applications to your website, such as an online store, social network, a custom extension or a content management system.   


We’re led by a team that has serviced more than 3,000,000 satisfied customers globally. Through a decade of strong industry experience, and commitment to quality,we’ve been successfully able to deliver outstanding Quickbooks® (QB) and Software consulting services to consumers across the globe.

Delivering a resolution rate of over 95%, and a CSAT rating of 93+%, our Experts are quick & efficient in providing QB and Software services to our clients. Our customers know to call us, not only for system issues, but also when they just need general “How To” help on Office applications, Social Media, and various Apps.


Our Live Experts are well equipped to provide troubleshooting and resolution for almost all QB and software related issues, including installation and activation of critical software applications required to enhance the performance of an electronic device. Live Experts are skilled in all primary operating systems, anti-malware software, and common applications.


Schedule an appointment with our consultant by emailing us at support@cosmiqueglobal.com. Let’s discuss the best business building strategy for you. Your success is our success. Let’s connect.

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Welcome to Our Site!

Sign up for latest Updates on Business Branding & Digital Solutions.