Amazon & eBay Stores – Set up & Optimization

Selling on Amazon & eBay 


As a business owner you would certainly want your products to reach out to a larger segment of people. The only way to achieve this goal is to start with creating brand awareness by leveraging the power of social media, and by setting up a complete e-commerce platform to showcase and sell your products.  Apart from developing a fully search engine optimized website,  we’ll also set up for you Amazon & eBay stores. With Amazon and eBay having control over 80% of the market, it makes perfect sense for business owners to adopt these platforms to create a long lasting online business. 



Sell What You Know


You can either sell someone else’s branded products, or create your brand, and sell your own product line. Both are great options. However, creating your brand, and selling your own branded items will be an investment that you’ll never regret having made.

It can be easy to try and sell a product that you’re not familiar with, hoping that it’ll yield a healthy return. However, the truth of the matter is that customers can lose faith in a retailer that’s not able to answer questions about the product, simply because they don’t understand it.



Customers’ Concerns


Selling products that you have knowledge of, gives you far more scope for success, as you’re able to offer answers to a series of questions posed by the buyers, as well as being able to highlight the benefits of the product quite easily, which can only contribute towards a better profit margin.



Creating Optimized Listings 


First time sellers find it extremely difficult to figure out the shipping price for an item on sale.  Products that offer a lot, but deliver very little are not going to hit the right chords with potential customers, so it’s vital that you’re honest about your product. It’s easy to try and oversell a product, but it doesn’t pay in the long run. Pricing your products in the right way and being fully transparent about its uses will ensure that your customers are more trusting of you, which in turn maintains a healthy relationship between both parties, allowing for repeat purchases in the future. 



How can we help 


Deciding on the product price, along with shipping fee, might seem to be the only tricky part in the beginning, but as you continue selling on these platforms, you’ll realize there are many more aspects that need to be taken care of, on daily basis. Hence the need of hiring a consultant. Apart from making the online stores operational,  we’ll be responsible for in-house training of your staff.  Post training, they’ll be able to handle shipping & handling, scheduling daily pick up, responding to buyers’ emails, handling negative feedback from the buyers (if any), getting help from Amazon &eBay seller support.


Email us at to schedule a FREE consultation. Let’s understand your goals, and formulate a strategy best suited to your business. 

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