How useful can a Mobile App be for your business?

How useful can a Mobile App be for your business?

A quick glimpse at the trending Apps in the Play Store or App Store will reveal that games, photography or music apps aren’t the only things that mobile users are interested in. On the contrary, many names in App stores will sound familiar because they belong to major businesses like Amazon, Zara, Ikea, ASOS or Domino’s. Apart from these well-known names, the apps of smaller businesses seem to be doing well too, which brings forth the question: how useful can a mobile App be for your business? Is developing a mobile App worth the money? Here are some key details you should remember if you want to expand the outreach of your business and take advantage of Mobile App marketing.

24/7 business visibility

It is no longer a secret that people spend more and more time on their phones, but a 2017 report reveals something even bigger. In most countries, mobile Internet usage accounts for the most minutes spent online. In the US, over 70% of Web traffic comes from mobile devices, in the UK, over 60% and in Indonesia a whopping 91%. What does this mean for businesses? That they must adapt to customer behavior and choose a marketing platform that matches modern requirements. Mobile Apps. By launching an App, you’ll be able to reach your customers or potential customers 24/7, whereas other platforms have limited visibility.

Innovative Marketing Solutions –

The mobile App industry has great prospects ahead of it and business owners are some of the first to benefit from this. Here’s how:

Push Notifications

You can leverage the power of push notifications to send your target customers frequent messages. Once the App is installed, it shouldn’t be forgotten on the user’s phone. On the contrary, it should send push notifications to increase engagement.

Mobile exclusive deals

If your sales are down, you can launch a mobile exclusive promotion, and you’ll definitely see an increase in numbers. However, make sure to advertise these deals, via push notifications, email and your social media channels.

New features and improved functionality

Mobile Apps allow you to implement features that normally would not work on a desktop App. For example, you can take advantage of QR codes. Clients can use their phones to scan a product’s QR code to find it on the App, in case they can’t find their size or favorite color in store. Also, you can use an App to incorporate booking services. Because phones have GPS on them, the App can simply read the location and so the order (be it for pizza, a cab and so on) will be placed in a matter of seconds.

If you’re a business owner, Mobile App is no longer an option. It’s an essential investment that you must make. Although the launch of the App alone might not be enough to make you the number 1, it’s one significant tool that gives you a competitive edge, and helps you stand out from the crowd.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]