Business Development Solutions

This package is a right fit for you if you are –


  • Currently unemployed and looking for ways to make money or;
  • An Entrepreneur struggling to generate revenue from your business or;
  • An established business owner who hasn’t been able to grow beyond a certain point.



Complete Package for Business Owners –


Strategic Planning for Business building 


We’ll create a business plan for you, along with a step by step manual to implement that plan.  The strategies that we offer will help you run your business operations effectively on daily basis, and will ensure maximum return on your investment, in a short span of time. In-person consultation, and tech support (if needed) included.


Business Branding Solutions 


For business branding,  creating brand awareness is the first and foremost step.  Our digital marketing team will help you boost your online presence. They’ll develop and maintain your social media pages, blogs, and website, to promote your business, and build brand credibility.


Trademark ™  Registration 


Owning a brand is like owning a piece of real estate that gives you dividends over time. Add credibility, authenticity and stability to your business by creating, and registering your brand with the US Trademark office.  Please email us at, to schedule an initial consultation with us.  Our Trademark services include Trademark search / name availability, classification, final registration,  responding to queries from the US Trademark office, and handing over the TM registration certificate to you. 


Patent Filing – Provisional & Non-Provisional Patents


If you’re an inventor, and have a design or a composition that needs to be Patented, schedule an appointment with our associate, and get to know the intricacies of the process.  Patent registration, usually, turns out more expensive than Trademark filing, but that shouldn’t deter you from securing your life’s hard work. 


To register a Patent, please email us at to schedule an appointment with our consultant. You can also fill out the form below, and provide us with as much information as you can about your business. Let’s worry about registering your brand while you focus on your business. Our online Patent registration services will make the application process seamless for you. Please give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about online Patent registration!


Finding your Target Customer 


In case you need help in finding your niche market, and reaching out to the target audience, we  help you in identifying your clientele, and in devising a business plan to accelerate sales / conversion rate. 


Online Selling / E-Commerce 


Although we suggest the use of both online and offline channels for commerce, yet, the online platforms like Amazon & eBay should be your first go-to sites for selling your products / services. Statistically, 80% of buying is done online these days, out of which Amazon attracts the largest chunk of buyers online.  Our team will create online stores for you, and train you to run these stores on daily basis.  Training includes a tutorial on complicated process of integrating shipping with your shopping cart. 


Product Resourcing


Interested in e-commerce, but having a hard time resourcing products for selling online? No need to worry. Just schedule a call with our team member. Together, we’ll figure out the best business plan for you. You’ll have a better understanding of the product resourcing, and selling techniques.  


Financing Options


Registered clients, if eligible, will have access to various funding resources needed for business expansion. 


Please email us at to schedule a phone appointment with our consultant. Since every case is different, we would need to understand your business before offering a solution to you. Our sole objective is to see you thrive. Our success lies in your success. So, let’s connect.

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