Digital/Online Marketing


Cosmique Global Inc provides a range of services that are tailored to fit the demands and needs of our customers and users.

Branding – Logo design


Business branding is the most important area to focus on, while you’re busy in devising strategies for business growth and revenue generation. Imagine someone else reaping the fruits of your hard work! That’s exactly what might happen if you don’t claim exclusivity to your brand. The best thing would be to have a brand, own it, and register it, so that no one can use it in future. You alone get to earn the royalties!

Let us design a unique logo for your business, and have it federally registered in your name. After you become the owner of the brand, you can advertise that logo as a Registered Mark, and start associating your services with that brand. Over time, it helps in  building credibility and authenticity for your business.

Search Engine Optimization


A website is only as good as the visibility it gets and further generates which is why our sites are automatically optimized so that any search engine is able to find it. To enable you to monitor your site’s traffic, Cosmique Global also provides you with Google Analytics so that you have complete satisfaction that we are fulfilling you requirements.

Social Media Optimization & Marketing


Call toll free for the best consulting experience.Let Cosmique Global Inc help you to enhance your SEO and increase your web presence with the help of Social media which is an integral part of website development today. Social media as a tool for increasing the popularity is unparalleled. Through this we can ensure that your brand has a consistent identity across multiple platforms.Utilize social media to expand your presence across the web.


Keyword Analysis


Optimize your Page, extract the Keywords, and calculate their Keyword Rank. Achieve high Rankings on Search Results by using the keyword analyzer to optimize the texts of your website.

Call toll free for the best consultation experience.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is by far the best way to pull traffic to your website, and to convert that traffic into actual customers. However, if your campaign is not set up properly, you might end of spending thousands of dollars without getting any return on your investment. Poor keyword choice, improper Ad content, wrong landing page, or setting up low budget for highly competitive keywords are some of the reasons behind a failed Pay Per click campaign. Let our experts do the job for you, while you focus on day to day business operations.


Email Marketing


‘Out of sight out of mind’ results in virtual death of a business. Keeping you visible paves the way to success. An efficient way of communicating with your latest as well as old clients is to send them a monthly or fortnightly E-newsletter. For you to be able to keep track of customer likes and dislikes we at Cosmique Global provide you specifics regarding the visitors to your site, demographics, the links they’ve clicked, and much more. Call us and let us set up a direct mailer campaign for you.

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