Payment processing the way it should be –
fast and easy.

Get paid 2x faster

Add a Pay Now button to your invoices and let your customers pay you online.

Manage your payments on the go

Manage your invoices and accept payments on the go with the QuickBooks mobile application.

Set-up recurring payments to save time

For clients you do the same work for each month, set up recurring payments or invoices.

Books are auto-updated

QuickBooks auto-updates invoices and reconciles fees and deposits, helping keep your books balanced.

Payments go straight to the bank

Get used to less trips to the bank. QuickBooks auto-deposits your credit card and bank transfer payments.

PCI compliant

We’re here to protect your business and your customers.

Get set-up with QuickBooks Payments today.

  Pay as you go

QuickBooks Online

Bank Transfer (ACH) Free
Card – Swiped 2.4% + 25¢
Card – Invoiced 2.9% + 25¢
Card – Keyed 3.4% + 25¢
QuickBooks Desktop $0/mo $20/mo
Bank Transfer (ACH) 50¢ 50¢
Card – Swiped 2.4% + 30¢ 1.6% + 30¢
Card – Invoiced 3.5% + 30¢ 3.3% + 30¢
Card – Keyed 3.5% + 30¢ 3.3% + 30¢

How it works

1. Email invoices

Securely send invoices with a Pay Now button. 

2. Customers pay online

Customers can pay immediately with ACH bank transfer or credit card.

3. Books are up to date

QuickBooks auto-updates your books & auto-deposits money into your bank.

System requirements

QuickBooks Online

  • Computer with Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari 6 and an Internet connection (high-speed connection recommended).
  • The QuickBooks Online mobile app works with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.
  • QuickBooks Online is accessible on mobile browsers on iOS, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Laptop or desktop computer with 2.4 GHz (recommended) processor.
  • Current version of QuickBooks 2014 or later.