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Our endeavor is to offer the best solution to you, and unbiased counsel at a reasonable price. We are continually exploring and implementing new innovations best suited to the industry that you cater to. We cherish what we do, some may say a lot. When you assign a task to our team, you can be assured that it’ll be handled with complete dedication, sincerity, and integrity. Our experts are available to you at any time of the day, and can be contacted via phone, email or instant chat.

We at Cosmique Global ensure that core values like Integrity, Accountability, Fairness, Transparency, Innovation, Diversity and Philanthropy, form an integral part of our daily operations. 


Integrity: We value trust and confidence that our customers, business partners and stakeholders repose in us. By being truthful, consistent and honest in everything we do, we honor that trust. 


Accountability: We are accountable to our team as well as to our customers and stakeholders. We have created an easy-to-follow system that makes the process of getting information from us absolutely simple and seamless. We engage in dialogues with our customers and stakeholders whenever the need arises.


Fairness: We remain firmly committed to providing a safe environment to our employees by make sure that they are treated fairly, with respect and are not harassed or victimized in any way. We constantly promote initiatives that help in creating a congenial work environment, and are geared towards providing proper training and orientation to the new entrants.


Transparency: Being honest and transparent in our dealings is integral to our work ethic. Transparency has helped us build strong and long lasting relationships with everyone involved in the supply chain, be it vendors who provide us with the raw materials, distributors who market our goods, or customers who buy our products.


Innovation: We are grateful to our team of professionals who are incredibly innovative and creative. Their extensive research and ‘out of the box’ ideas have helped us  turn our clients’ dreams in to a living reality. Our team keeps relentlessly working on developing new strategies to benefit the end users. 


Diversity : We believe in promoting diversity and equal opportunity in our work place.  We are proud to have created a work environment that is free from racial discrimination and gender based exploitation. It is only talent, knowledge and integrity that are important to us. We open doors to anyone who has these qualities.


Philanthropy :  We’ve always believed in giving back to the community. As a part of our initiative, tied into our CSR program, Cosmique Global has partnered with SOS Children villages in the US for supporting the educational goals of less privileged children who spend their entire childhood in the loving and caring homes provided by SOS Children villages.  We have taken a pledge to support these children by helping them achieve their educational goals so that they are able to earn a living after they step out of the SOS homes on attaining the age of majority.  To support this noble cause we have pledged to contribute a portion of our profits to SOS Children Villages on quarterly basis. We believe that an educated individual lays the foundation of a better tomorrow. 

Supporting the cause of St. Jude’s cancer research center has been a very humbling experience for us. For decades, the organization has been doing a remarkable job by helping countless families receive free treatment for their children suffering from life threatening diseases. We’re just one of those millions of donors who make sure that the cancer center keeps helping families in the time of crisis. There can’t be anything more humbling than helping a child receive the support he needs to live a healthy & disease free life.


Our goal is to be counted among the most trusted companies across the world and to be admired for our values and commitment to sustainability. We aim at helping more and more business owners every year with business building & revenue generating strategies,  and at the same time, maintaining at each step, the highest possible ethical standards.

Disclaimer: Cosmique Global INC is an authorized reseller for Quickbooks products. For support and services please contact Intuit. Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

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Welcome to Our Site!

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